History and Community in Lyons and Muir, Michigan

Friday, March 07, 2008

Isaac Errett, minister in Muir

Delia Probasco and Henry (Harry) Ormand Probasco

Delia Probasco and Henry (Harry) Ormand Probasco

Children of Jacob Ormand Probasco and Mary Ophelia (Spire) Probasco

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mystery gathering

Mystery gathering

Back center appears to be Captain Jacob Ormand Probasco

Henry "Harry" Ormand Probasco

Son of Jacob O. & Mary O. Probasco

Born Aug 10, 1876

Died October 20, 1954

Henry "Harry" Ormand Probasco

Henry "Harry" Ormand Probasco

Son of Jacob O. & Mary O. Probasco

Born Aug 10, 1876

Died October 20, 1954

Mary Ophelia Spire Probasco

Born November 12, 1849

Died June 5, 1921

Wife of Jacob Ormand Probasco

Daughter of Daniel & Eve Ann Spire.

Angela Spire

Captain Jacob Ormand Probasco on horse

Frank and Jacob Probasco

Muir Residence

This is believed to be across the street from the Probasco home according to Wilma Ackerson.

Probasco Residence

Delia Probasco Stoddard

Delia Probasco

Delia Probasco

Captain Jacob Ormand Probasco, February 1876

Captain Jacob Ormand Probasco

Captain Jacob Ormand Probasco

Born Aug 20, 1844
Died July 9, 1919
Son of Henry R. Probasco and Mary Carrington Raymond.

Original photos were scanned, copies made, and sent to Pam Swiler by Gwen Fuller of Arlington, VA.

More history is available at the genealogy room of the Ionia County Genealogical Society.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Greenview Point

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ruth (Cantine) Stedman by Wilma Ackerson

In the '28-'29 school year Ruth (Cantine) Stedman was a senior and member of the Muir High School debate team. That team consisted of three girls, Dorothy King, Helen Kelly and Ruth. They went on to win honor as outstanding debate team among Michigan High Schools. The Detroit Free Press presented them with a large bronze plaque on a wooden shield.

Ruth, who was the daughter of Pearl and Fred Cantine lived on the Hayes, now the Schuring Farm, where her father was farm foreman.

After graduation from Muir High School, Ruth went to Lansing and was an apprentice to a hair stylist and also served as a model of latest hair styles.

Later she married Millard Stedman. She and "Cy" as he was commonly known lived on a farm just south of Palo. They raised four children, Richard, Bruce, James and Mary Jane.

Ruth, who will be 94 on the last day of this year was recently reunited with the debate team picture and the plaque they won.

The plaque, especially, has had quite a history. When the old brick Muir High School building was torn down to make room for Twin Rivers, the Senior pictures and the debate team picture and plaque were first stored in the Muir village hall. The pictures were later loaned to Doris Pierce when she opened the Muir Restaurant to display on the walls where they were a great conversation starter for patrons. When the Pierces closed the restaurant the pictures, including the one of the debate team, were given to the Lyons-Muir Historical Society and put on display in the Museum. Just a few months ago, Doris Pierce was looking over the Restaurant building they still own in Muir. She discovered the plaque that had been awarded the debate team and a framed graduation certificate from Muir High School. She promptly brought them to the Museum.

As luck would have it, I was just leaving. Doris said, "Here is something I found and I don't know what it is but the Historical Society can have it." I recognized it at once having spent the four years of my high school looking at it a lot of the time. So that is how it came about that on a recent sunny day Louise Cook and I joined Ruth and her daughter, Mary Jane Kuhtz, and reunited Ruth with the plaque and debate team pictures together.

When asked by her daughter if she remember the debate team, Ruth said, "Of course I do".

She will also tell you that she was ounce found to be the healthiest 4-H girl in the Lower Peninsula. She never got to the National competition as she was sick at the time. How Ironic!

The debate team picture and plaque are on display in the Lyons-Muir Historical Society Museum in Lyons.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Main Street, Lyons Postcard

Lyons Business Postcard

Lyons Bridge Postcard

A Watchman, Muir Postcard

Dog Learns to Jump in Pedestrians' Path When Whistle Blows.

Theo. Carter And "Jack"

Muir, Mich., April 23. - Theodore Carter, watchman at the Ionia Street grade crossing of the Grand Trunk Railroad here, has very little to do since he trained his dog Jack to be a watchman. Jack has learned to jump to his place as soon as he hears a locomotive whistle and even when Carter is not present, it is impossible for a pedestrian to get on the tracks. There have been no accidents at this crossing since Jack has been on duty.

As a reward for his services Carter sees that Jack lives on the fat of the land. Jack gets a dish of ice cream every time Carter does.

Ypsilanti Reed Furniture Company, Lyons Postcard

Wooden Dam 1900, Grand River, Lyons Postcard

Maple River Bridge Postcard

This is an early view of the old bridge spanning the Maple River and linking Muir and Lyons, which was replaced by a new structure.

The onlookers in the picture are standing on the wooden piling which concealed the steamboat landing at Muir.

Muir Football Team Postcard

Ionia Street, Muir, Michigan Postcard

Lyons Church Postcard

Monday, September 12, 2005

Michigan Hydro History

At tonight's meeting (September 12th, 2005), James R. Bernier gave a presentation about Hydro Electric Dams in Michigan, including the Lyons and Hubbardston Dams.

James is the Senior Natural Resource Manager from Consumers Energy. His office is in Cadillac, Michigan. The Lyons-Muir Historical Society is very fortunate and thankful to have someone drive down from Cadillac to do this presentation.

He was also nice enough to provide the presentation, for posting on this web site!

The Powerpoint presentation has been exported to the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.

Michigan Hydro History.pdf

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Harbor Springs Update!

A summary of calendar events have just been posted at, so please take a look!