History and Community in Lyons and Muir, Michigan

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Watchman, Muir Postcard

Dog Learns to Jump in Pedestrians' Path When Whistle Blows.

Theo. Carter And "Jack"

Muir, Mich., April 23. - Theodore Carter, watchman at the Ionia Street grade crossing of the Grand Trunk Railroad here, has very little to do since he trained his dog Jack to be a watchman. Jack has learned to jump to his place as soon as he hears a locomotive whistle and even when Carter is not present, it is impossible for a pedestrian to get on the tracks. There have been no accidents at this crossing since Jack has been on duty.

As a reward for his services Carter sees that Jack lives on the fat of the land. Jack gets a dish of ice cream every time Carter does.


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