History and Community in Lyons and Muir, Michigan

Thursday, March 24, 2005

History of the Lyons-Muir Historical Society

by Ashley Scheurer
great-granddaughter of Wilma Ackerson

The Lyons-Muir Historical Society first started on Feb. 22, 1979 in Lyons, Michigan, by Suzanne Bell, Holly Treadway, and Richard Hull. The first meeting for the public was April 23, 1979, at the Muir Civic Center. Now, many years later, the same society that was started in 1979 is still going strong with many dedicated members.

The goals of the society are to:
• preserve local landmarks
• and collect items of past history of the area for future generations.

Today, we have the Lyons-Muir Historical Museum and monthly meetings are held at either the museum or at a member’s home.

Many people enjoy going to the museum to see things such as old high school pictures from both the Lyons and Muir schools, dating through 1941 for Muir High School and through 1963 for Lyons High School.

“We also have Spanish-American War memorabilia,” said Wilma Ackerson, president of the society and a graduate of the 50th graduating class from Muir High School. “One of the longest-living Spanish-American War veterans, Harry Gardner, lived in Lyons, and his daughter donated what we have.” Visitors also like to hear about how things were done “back then” and to see how Lyons and Muir have changed over the years. The museum can be visited by contacting Louise Cook or Wilma Ackerson.


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